Solar Panel (Mono Series)

To produce a monocrystalline silicon cells, absolutely pure semiconduction material is necessary. Monocrystalline rods are extracted from melted silicon and then sawed into thin plates.This production process guarantees a relatively high level of efficiency silicon and makes monocrystalline panels one of the most efficient, producing smaller solar cells, and therefore smaller panels. Monocrystalline works very well in bright cool conditions.

Product Feature

1. Efficient Monocrystalline module is suitable for residential, public application areas, and can be widely used in the roof and the ground electric power station projects

2. Applying the most advanced module manufacturing technology with high output power. The maximum conversion rate is up to 16.39%.

3. Using anti – reflection glass, not only increases the absorption of light but also strengthens its self-cleaning function when the modules are in the water environment, which can effective;y reduce the power loss caused by dust.

4. Excellent low-light electricity generation performance.

5. Modules with strong compression capability, able to withstand 2400PA wind pressure and 5400PA snow load


Product Parameter

Cells type: MONOSV-M100SV-M320SV-M320SV-M320SV-M320
Peak Power(PMP)100W320W320W320W320W
Tolerance± 3%Tolerance± 3%Tolerance± 3%
Maximum power current(IMP)5.55A8.33A5.56A8.34A8.34A
Maximum power voltage(VMP)18V18V36V30V36V
Short-Circuit Current(ISC)5.89A8.83A5.89A8.83A8.83A
Open-Circuit Voltage(VOC)21.6V21.6V43.2V36V43.2V
Maximum System Voltage1000VDCMaximum System Voltage1000VDCMaximum System Voltage1000VDC
Module eff.17.60%17.30%17.80%17.50%17.80%