12v 150AH Gel Solar Battery

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Brief introduction

A solar battery is a rechargeable battery that integrates a solar cell with battery power storage.  A second meaning of solar battery are rechargeable batteries which have been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic systems or are just used for. They are used especially in stand-alone systems for storage of energy produced by solar panels and batteries as a buffer when major consumer operation. Often, the term is also commonly used for built-in solar power applications batteries, even if they are not specified for it.

Material Advantage 

1. Plates:1% higher than the average content of tin plate, effectively prevent corrosion and sulfide of the plate. 

2. Electrolyte:Silicon-containing salt composition, effectively prevent the battery from dehydration. 

3. Paper separator:using domestic top brands, a variety of materials certification. 

4. Terminals:All copper materials, there are many other battery suppliers using lead terminals. 

5. Battery products:enough plate number, enough battery capacity, enough weight. 


GEL batteries Benefits 

1. Solve electrolyte stratification, sulfuric acid evenly distributed.

2. The silica gel electrolyte lead-acid batteries can be so deep discharge, thus greatly extending the cycle life of the battery. 

3. The battery float current is small (about 1/3 AGM battery), the floating charge lower energy consumption, less warming, reduce battery thermal runaway risk. 

4. low self-discharge rate of the battery.

Product Parameters

Rated Capacity(10hour Rate)100Ah150Ah200Ah
Weight28.5 kg41.5 kg61.5 kg
Characteristics capacity 25℃(77.℉)
10 hour rate(10.0A)100AH150AH200AH
5 Hour rate(16.0A)80AH120AH160AH
1 hour rate(60A)60AH90AH120AH
1.5 hour discharge to 10.5V40AH60AH80AH
Charge (Constant voltage)  CYCLEInitial charging current less than 30A Voltage 14.4-14.8V (14-16 hours)Initial charging current less than 45A Voltage 14.4-14.8V(14-16 hours)Initial charging current less than 60A Voltage 14.4-14.8V(14-16 hours)
40℃104℉    102%
25℃77℉    100%
0℃32℉     85%
Capacity affected by temperature(10 hour rate)-15℃5℉     65%
Capacity after 3 month storage     91%
Capacity after 6 month storage     82%
Self-Discharge at 25℃77℉Capacity after 12 month storage     64%